General & Family Dentistry

Dr. Travis E. Hampton and our dental team believe in pain-free dentistry and treating our patients like family. Our dentists are proud to provide general and family dentistry in Covington, Georgia. General and family dentistry is a branch or dental care whose aim is to help you and your family reach ideal oral health and then to keep that help for a lifetime. We know that each patient’s needs are different. Our dentists will recommend one or more of our general and family dental services based on your individual needs. Our dental team will make sure you understand your treatment plan and that of your children. We want you to be able to take an active part in your dental care and that of your family.

We stress the importance of pairing regular visits to Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with proper dental hygiene at home. Patients should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Brush your teeth using small, circular movements and brush your tongue. When you floss, gently work the floss beneath the gum line. Move the floss up and down to scrape off plaque.

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