Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? For those who wish to restore their smile with dental implants, Dr. Travis E. Hampton may recommend Teeth-In-An-Hour™ in Covington, Georgia. Teeth-In-An-Hour is a revolutionary procedure that provides patients with dental implants and restorations in just one treatment that lasts about an hour. This procedure was developed by Nobel Biocare and consists of the collaboration of a restorative dentist and a surgeon. The merging of experience and knowledge increases the patient’s safety and allows for a more exact and precise dental implant placement. One reason why this procedure is faster than the traditional implant placement method is that the dental implant restoration is constructed before the dental implant post is placed. The dental implant post placement surgery is computer guided and does not require flap reduction. This means that the patient will not experience as much discomfort, swelling, and bruising after surgery. In many cases, the patient can go back to their regular activities the very next day.

Our dentists and a surgeon will first take a CAT scan of your jawbone. This image is used to construct a 3D model of the jawbone, which is used to plan the dental implant post placement. The patient does not have to be present to plan the implant post placement. The placement will be much more accurate and you will not have to be in the office as long.

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